Subscription policy

Cancellation Policy: single purchase and subscriptions

Please consider your selections and cupping preferences carefully for your coffee enjoyment, and verify everything accurately within our secure checkout. If there is ever a problem, please contact us immediately. All roasted orders are custom roasted daily (M-F), and fulfilled within 36 hours of order receipt and as per customer selection(s); un-roasted orders are fulfilled as per customer selection(s) immediately. We do not accept requests from other market places like Amazon or eBay. Any cancellation requests are for our direct store eCommerce site only. It is vital that you make your selections carefully; sale or discounted items cannot be cancelled or refunded. Please contact us through chat, email, or via our customer service number @ 617-798-0572 (9 AM - 3 PM USA eastern M-F) for quick assistance and prompt resolution, and we will do our best to resolve your concern quickly. We check emails and chats many times throughout the day, M-F. 

Please note all order information is given within our secure checkout for customer review and approval for accurate order processing. Accurate ordering is essential for fulfillment to proceed safely and smoothly for our employee teams. Customer orders go into our shipping platform within seconds, and fulfillment processing starts expeditiously with notifications sent to our fulfillment teams. When orders arrive within our shipping platform for fulfillment, no cancellations are possible. Also, please be advised that once a shipping confirmation has been sent to the customer either via email or SMS, no cancellations are possible as this then reflects out-going fulfillment and notifications for carrier pickups occurring throughout the day, M-F. Remember to check your emails (spam file too) for order confirmation and shipping information. If you have opted to receive SMS messages from us, please be aware of any SMS message receipts from us.

Cancellation fees:

Banks are no longer refunding any credit card processing fees for cancelled orders, which now affects final refund processing to customers. Over the years, we have absorbed the final cancellation bank processing fees, however, effective September 1, 2023, we will no longer be able to continue to absorb these cancellation costs for customers. Customer directed cancellation requests and/or cancellations due to un-deliverable shipping addresses from customer given at check-out will affect the final refund due to the customer an average of 3.25%, depending on the credit card used at checkout. This cancellation credit card processing fee is the certain percentage calculated/charged by banking institutions; the average is +3.25%, depending on the credit card used during checkout. Any credit card processing fee is directly related to charges incurred by the merchant at check-out; this information is evident through the financial gateway processing center. Cancellation fees that are merchant directed due to low inventory will not apply a cancellation fee to the customer.

Also, please note that cancellations due to the customer not paying a shipping invoice for larger weighted orders (exceeding the FREE USA shipping protocol) will be refunded accordingly minus a banking credit card processing cancellation fee (minimum 3.25%), based upon the credit card used at checkout. It is imperative to know that we cannot override banking policies, fees, or processing charges, and credit card fees do vary, but we will do our absolute best to assist you in your cancellation request, and, if at all possible, modify the order type, shipping, and/or timing before fulfillment. Thank you for your understanding, please order carefully, and contact us for assistance.

Subscription Information:

When you purchase a subscription you'll receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the subscription duration and frequency that you select. Your payment details will be stored securely and you'll be charged for your selected product orders on time, unless you choose to pay in advance. Please make sure that your payment details are accurate. Get flexible delivery frequencies, first dibs on new arrivals, and FREE USA shipping available on certain weights (less than 15 lbs.) through 1/6/2024. Create an account, sign up for a coffee subscription today, and be the first to try new blends and timeless classics.

Some subscriptions may auto-renew at the end of their duration. If you don't want to renew a subscription, you can cancel it. If you want to cancel or change your subscription, you can do so prior to fulfillment timing. The timing for subscription order confirmation emails are sent 3 (three) days before going into fulfillment and have links to manage your subscription order from there. Please be aware of the notification timing of your expected subscription fulfillment and we advise you to make any changes within 48 hours of subscription reminder email receipt. Once the time has elapsed from the original email notification, fulfillment will start and cancellations will not be made and shipping will proceed as selected by the customer.

If a customer refuses delivery of a subscription that they made and managed, and the order is returned to us, then restocking and credit card processing fees will be applied. All refunds are exclusive of shipping costs, which are non-refundable, and will be issued to the original form of payment used at the time of purchase, minus applicable 25% restocking, and 3.25% credit card processing fee. Also, any returns received due to a buyer's refusal will be charged back the original FREE USA shipping fee as well plus the return carrier fee, depending on the carrier return charges. All return refusals can be traced and verified via carrier satellite scans and documented on the customer’s account(s). This will also apply if the carrier is unable to deliver due to non-receipt, no parcel receptacle, filled box, no customer pick-up, unable to forward, vacant premises, incorrect address. If the carrier cannot deliver, their scans document this and are noted accordingly. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to provide an address that is 100% accurate and verifiable, and accept the order delivery as placed.

Effective January, 2023, please note that chat or email requests for us to change or modify a customer’s subscription method will not be processed any longer. Changes to a customer’s subscription will need to be made by the customer so that the integrity of their account and security of their credit card, and the financial gateway is maintained. Any request received will not automatically pause your subscription; you may login and manage your subscription accordingly through your account.

Questions? Chat or contact us @ 617-798-0572 (eastern time USA) for quick subscription resolution.