Subscription Changes

Over the past year, customers have asked for a smoother subscription experience with easier product swapping & more payment options. This new subscriptions portal is effective May 27, 2022. If you are a subscriber, you will need to re-order and then re-subscribe for your product of choice. There is FREE USA shipping sitewide for everyone, & subscribers have more control over their subscription with more options & always with secure checkout.

We have developed & launched a new structure to redefine the subscription experience & give customers more control over their subscriptions with easier product swapping, advanced subscription management, custom edits, & the option to add any product(s) to your subscription order at any time without incurring an additional subscription commitment. You can now subscribe with many more payment options, such as traditional credit card, PayPal Express, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay, enhancing advanced customer management of subscriptions. Also, you may subscribe as a guest or with your account. However, in order to review your subscription account and historical purchase data, you must have an account to manage your purchase and subscription details. Essentially, it would always be best to create an account initially for your future viewing.

Every customer has the option to select a subscription/recurring order for any product(s) site-wide, and choose various weekly and monthly intervals for your subscription; the intervals are 1-6, weeks or 1-4 months chosen by the customer. In order to maintain accuracy, and to remind every subscription customer, an automated email is sent out to our subscription customers about 3 days prior to the anticipated fulfillment of your subscription/recurring order. It is vital that you review this subscription email promptly so that you may make changes, swap out products, pause or cancel your subscription, change cc number or address data, and review vital information for the accuracy of your chosen subscription. This email notification is the time to make your changes. Changes can be made when logging into your account and choose "Manage Subscription" under Account Details. Once the time has elapsed as noted within the email notification, subscription/recurring orders will immediately go into fulfillment, any changes cannot be made, and shipping will proceed. 

Subscribe, enjoy the easier flow, & occasionally add something new to your subscription & treat yourself... check the coffee off your list, subscribe & let us handle the rest for you 😊💖☕


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