Roasters Picks for Nitro Coffee

Roasters Picks for Nitro Coffee

Spring and summer is upon us, and to help you beat the heat and pollen for our east coast customers, our roasting staff have rounded up their favorite picks for nitro coffee... check out some of their picks below. 

Colombian Sierra Nevada Magdalena Finca Agroberlin

This has a bit more of a citrus syrup type of profile. For us, this one is like having Orange Soda with cookies or a candy bar. If it’s roasted on the lighter end of the medium spectrum, it will have a really cool sparkling acidity. While it doesn’t necessarily land in the “Perfect for Nitro” category, it does land in the "Easily Cool Experimental Batch” category. 

Sumatra Permata Gayo Mandheling Organic GR1 DP

This works for anyone who roasts a little bit darker. This one has a ton of body and subtle complexity that allows it to stand up to flavorings and milk very well.

Panama Paso Ancho Carmen Estate SHB E/p


For us, this coffee on nitro is like having a chocolate bar in a cup. It’s silky, creamy, and rich with sugary chocolate notes that remind us of a luscious Cadbury egg. Lingering finish in the cup, delicious alone, good for blending to make a more robust coffee drink.

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Enjoy your spring and summer, and remember coffee is the perfect drink of choice all year long... cold brews, hot, or iced, the coffees from RhoadsRoast make it enjoyable to share with associates, family, and friends!

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