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2.5 lbs. Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango Huixoc RFA Fresh Light Roast 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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  • This shade-grown varietal is stunning in its mellow, smooth flavors, very few bags actually make it to the United States.
  • Fresh Roasted Each Morning & Shipped in the Afternoon! Balanced by sweetness & nuanced by fruit.
  • This is a rich cup with interesting, although quite subtle, spice notes, as well as a great acidic snap.
  • Roast fully to bring out deep, dark chocolate flavors.
  • Shade-grown, sun-dried, and hand-sorted, these carefully cultivated beans present gorgeous nuanced flavors and bright acidity.

This coffee tends to be lively, flavorful, bold, and bright. This varietal in particular - an estate-grown coffee from Finca Huixoc - has pristine balance, excellent body, and a creamy consistency. Shade-grown, sun-dried, and hand-sorted, these carefully cultivated beans present gorgeous nuanced flavors and bright acidity. Guatemala is home to some of the most clearly "flavor-identifiable" micro-climate coffees in the world. This is due to the combination of young, active volcanic soils, extremely high altitudes, and early morning clouds. The dense, early morning fogs, heavy dew, and steep mountainsides create rare micro-climates. The result is a highly distinguished cup of coffee, with a quiet and enjoyable complexity. This Huehuetenango is among the highest quality coffees that we have added as a new addition to our offerings this year. Huixoc Estate is a farm in the Huehuetenango region. The primary focus there is pine tree forestry, but coffee was historically the main crop. This is an old and well-established farm with high elevations and a sunny harvest season. The Guatemala Huehuetenango ‘Huixoc Estate’ coffee (pronounced wee-chok; Mayan, meaning “spring in the rocks”) is Rainforest Alliance Certified. The springs are critical to Huixoc’s quality, providing abundant water for coffee and other crops, the workers and families, and energy for the estate’s coffee mill. Altitude: 4,200-5,500 ft. Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo. Drying: Sun-dried on Patios. Process: Fully Washed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cheryl Hudspeth

Don’t know if it’s me or this batch of beans, but very acid. The cure, mixed it with your Rain Forst blend. Worked nicely. Thanks as always for your excellent coffee and delivery service.

Allan Stone
An excellent coffee!

An excellent cafe for those aficionados looking for a bright, rich flavourful full-bodied offering. Mornings are worth waking up early - to grind 'los granos' in my burr grinder and brew to perfection for my first cup of the day!
¡Saludos al maestro tostador! Bravo!

William Stafford
Green frog light roast. Everything I want.

My wife doesn't really drink a coffee but she insists that I only drink rainforest Alliance certified coffee. I used to be quite the coffee snob managing a snooty shop here in Portland. I strive to buy the good stuff but with the Frog restriction I've been drinking nothing but Bulletproof for the past few years. Bulletproof is pretty good coffee. It's big beautiful consistently roasted beans that the market favors. These beans are light roast and visually lighter though very close. Their flavor is balanced. Not super fruity not super acidic. It smells a little like grapefruit when you grind it but that doesn't linger much. I will probably buy this until this website offers more light roast rainforest Alliance coffee for me to try. This is better coffee than bulletproof in my opinion though neither would qualify as complex. Balanced. You can definitely drink this.