Collection: Central American Coffees

This distinctive collection contains a treasure trove of many requested coffees and special offerings that our customers love! 

In Guatemala, the crop flow is now in its peak with good volumes arriving at the mills.  Weather conditions are very good and the quality from the farms arriving at the mills is good. Producers are no longer putting coffee in the mills on consignment and have switched to selling their coffee upon delivery. Differentials tightened over the weekend.

Roasting Monday - Friday: All of our coffees are always the freshest 100% Arabica imports from current year harvests, importing yearly worldwide. Fresh harvested coffee beans range from full natural processing to wet processing in the mills. Beans are all hand sorted to ensure the highest standards of our products to our customers. Roasted coffee orders are fresh roasted daily (Monday-Friday) and shipped same day as roasted. From farm to cup, and fresh to you to enjoy the brew!

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