Subscription Knowledge

Get flexible delivery frequencies, first dibs on new arrivals, and FREE USA shipping less than 15 lbs. sitewide through 1/6/2024. Create an account, sign up for a coffee subscription today, and be the first to try new blends and timeless classics. Know what you like? Get your favorite roasted or unroasted coffees delivered on your schedule and direct to you!

How to Subscribe?

1. Choose your coffee: Browse our single origin coffees, choose your favorite or try something new. If you’re a fan of exceptional, yet accessible coffees, and like a little variety in your life, you also have the option to add any product(s) to a subscription order at any time without incurring an additional subscription. Choose your coffees on the product page, “subscribe on time”, add to cart, check out, or continue browsing. Flexible, easy, more payment options with secure checkout. Acknowledgement by the customer at checkout verifies the subscription order.

Drink what we’re drinking, year-round with our House Favorites Collection: an ever-evolving rotation of our freshest, newest, finest, and most unique single-origin coffees from around the world. These coffees are hand selected by our coffee teams who source, cup, and roast our coffees.

2. Fresh Roasted by Us OR Unroasted & Roasted by You: Choose your coffee(s) and select your delivery frequency and we’ll ship it based on your coffee needs. Free USA shipping on subscription orders less than 15 lbs. effective October 1, 2023.

3. Brew, Pour, and Enjoy: Brew it how you like and take a minute to savor the perks of freshly roasted coffee. Want to mix it up? Customize your coffee, quantity, or frequency anytime, it’s easy.

Why Subscribe? Get RhoadsRoast freshest coffees delivered direct to you with FREE USA shipping included on each order less than 15 lbs. Also, subscribers get early access to presales of limited release coffees and upcoming merchandise. You can now subscribe with more payment options, such as traditional credit card, PayPal Express, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay (with carbon neutral delivery), giving customers better subscription experience. Gift cards are not processed for subscriptions; gift cards are for single purchase options only.

Important information about Subscriptions:

We have developed and launched a new structure to redefine the subscription experience in order to give customers more control over their subscriptions. You may subscribe anytime for the product(s) of choice, and there is FREE USA shipping available on orders less than 15 lbs. sitewide for everyone through 1/6/2024. We offer easier product swapping, a faster load time, advanced subscription management with custom edits, and the option to add any product(s) to a subscription order at any time without incurring an additional subscription commitment. This is a convenient, easy, and secure method to get your coffee when you want it!

Also, you can now subscribe with more payment options, such as traditional credit card, PayPal Express, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay (with carbon neutral delivery), giving customers better subscription experience. You may subscribe as a guest or with your account, however we highly recommend that you create an account in order to manage your subscriptions and historical purchase data for your future viewing. 

Every customer has the option to select a subscription/recurring order for any product(s) site-wide, and choose various weekly and monthly intervals for your subscription; the intervals are 1-6 weeks or 1-4 months chosen by the customer. Customer acknowledgement at checkout verifies the subscription order.

In order to maintain accuracy, and to remind every subscription customer, an automated email is sent out to our subscription customers 3 (three) days prior to the scheduled fulfillment of your subscription/recurring order. It is vital that you review this subscription email promptly (within 48 hours of email receipt) so that you may make any product and/or quantity changes, swap out products, pause or cancel your subscription, change cc number and/or address data, and review vital information for the accuracy of your subscription. This email notification is the time to make your changes. Any changes can be made when logging into your account, choose "Manage Subscription" under Account Details, and then proceed further to review your subscription details. After 3 (three) days from the original email notification receipt, the time has elapsed, subscription orders will immediately go into fulfillment, any changes or cancellation will not be made, and shipping will proceed as selected by the customer.

If a customer refuses delivery of a subscription that they made and managed, and the order is returned to us, then a restocking and credit card processing fee will be applied. All refunds are exclusive of shipping costs, which are non-refundable, and will be issued to the original form of payment used at the time of purchase, minus applicable 25% restocking, and 3.2% credit card processing fee. Also, any returns received due to a buyer's refusal will be charged back the original FREE USA shipping fee as well plus the return carrier fee, depending on the carrier return charges. All return refusals can be traced and verified via carrier satellite scans and documented on the customer’s account(s). This will also apply if the carrier is unable to deliver due to non-receipt, no parcel receptacle, filled box, no customer pick-up, unable to forward, vacant premises, incorrect address. If the carrier cannot deliver, their scans document this and are noted accordingly. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to provide an address that is 100% accurate and verifiable, and accept the order delivery as placed.

Effective January, 2023, please note that chat or email requests for us to change or modify a customer’s subscription method will not be processed any longer. Changes to a customer’s subscription will need to be made by the customer so that the integrity of their account and security of their credit card, and the financial gateway is maintained. Any request received will not automatically pause your subscription; you may login and manage your subscription accordingly through your account.

Questions? Please contact us asap @ 617-798-0572 (9 AM - 3 PM, USA eastern time). Or chat with us (9 AM - 4PM USA eastern time). Please note that subscriptions go in quickly so timing is essential.