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New African and South American Coffees Are in Plus Subscribe and Save!

At RhoadsRoast Coffees, spring, summer, and fall are our busiest times in our warehouse for receiving new international fresh harvested imports. The Central American and Indonesian coffee imports come every spring and new crops are in now at our store and warehouse. In the summer, we are currently receiving our African imports, and in September, we will receive all of our new, freshly harvested South American coffee imports. These are exciting times for us as we prepare our green beans inventory for our customers to continually enjoy the freshest and finest international coffees available online. Now, in most countries, coffee is harvested once per year. Some countries, however, have climates that are conducive to growing coffee nearly all year long and, in these countries, there is a smaller secondary crop, called the fly crop. Please see the country catalog below.

Importing, warehousing, and maintaining an abundant green bean inventory takes a lot of work, but we do our absolute best to maintain the highest quality of standards as well as import the finest coffee bean available worldwide for our customers. At RhoadsRoast Coffees, we’re committed to always providing you fresh coffee with free express shipping courtesy of if you have a favorite coffee, feel free to message us and we’ll see if we can get it for you or recommend a similar or even better coffee! Also, if you want to have recurring orders and Subscribe and Save, we now have this option too. Simply register in your cart and checkout takes care of the rest for your weekly or monthly recurring order(s)... It's that easy! Until next time, cheers and enjoy the brew!

The chart below represents the most well-known coffee growing countries along with their harvest seasons:

Country Main Crop Fly Crop
Brazil May – September N/A
Colombia September – January March – June
Costa Rica October – March N/A
Guatemala September – April N/A
Honduras September – February N/A
Mexico September – March N/A
Peru June – November N/A
Hawaii October – March N/A
Sumatra October – March N/A
Ethiopia November – Feburary N/A
Kenya October – March May – August
Tanzania October – February N/A
Yemen October – December N/A
Jamaica December – March



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