Central American Coffees Collection

Central American shipments will start to slow down in June as mills begin to empty of green coffee. Most mills aim to complete shipments by August giving them time to clean up, make repairs and ready for the next crop starting in November. 

In Central America, the Nicaraguan and Honduran crops have finished with almost no coffee left on offer. In Guatemala, there remains a small amount of coffee from the highest altitudes, these coffees are commanding extremely high differentials ranging from NY + 65 to NY + 90 FOB.  This is a 30 – 55 cts/lb rise in differentials from the start of the crop. In Mexico there is still a small amount of coffee available, with organic coffee at last being offered, albeit at FTO values. 

All of our coffees are always the freshest 100% Arabica imports from current year harvests, importing yearly from 2 hemispheres. Roasted coffee orders are fresh roasted daily (Monday-Friday) and shipped same day as roasted...Fresh to you to enjoy the brew!