Central American Coffees Collection

The Central American crop remains very tight with an unusual scarcity of offers for January as shippers act with caution. 

In Guatemala the crop is flowing in Huehuetenago. While the physical coffee is tight, it is available and we are not receiving the same number of comments regarding supply shortages. In Nicaragua we hear the crop is 10% down on last year, but inline with expectations. Throughout all Central American countries we are hearing an increasing number of stories of shortages of pickers. Despite a good year for quality we again caution all buyers on cup quality. Low prices + shortage of pickers = cutting corners during harvest and processing to save costs.

In Honduras the crop is now 70% completed, with the higher altitude coffee is delayed due to several cold fronts. A debate has now developed over the amount of coffee available. On one side of the argument, the trade believes producers are holding coffee back forcing internal differentials to rise. On the other side of the argument origin believes that production is a lot lower than projections and coffee is short. Both arguments have valid reasoning. Based on our discussions with origin, we believe production is lower than projected and that there is a medium to high risk of differentials exploding as buyers start to scramble for product. 

In El Salvador, the crop is extremely short with offers for bigger volumes very difficult to find. On the positive side...all of our Central American partners have high quality expectations for this crop.

And remember...All of our roasted coffees orders are shipped the same day as roasted. Fresh to you to enjoy the brew!