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Let's Brew Coffee for a Pour-Over at Home Without a Scale!

Having a well equipped area for brewing coffee for our coffee teams through 2 shifts, we have taught and skilled ourselves to brew brew and pull an espresso shot without a scale. Knowing our coffees, roast levels, and tastes, we have learned to determine how much water and coffee to use and be consistent with each brew so that we can all enjoy the experience of any coffee that we use.

During the stay-at-home orders, we seriously need our caffeine and great coffee to enjoy, but not everyone has the tools at home to measure and make great pour overs. Let's experiment with some tips on how you could brew an excellent pour over of coffee without a scale.

For this example, let's use use 24.5 g (0.864 oz) of coffee to 380 g (13.4 oz).of water, which is a 1:15.5 ratio. (You could also do 1:14 or 1:18 ratio depending on what recipe/strength you prefer to use for cupping. In order to weigh out 24.5 g (0.864 oz) of coffee beans or ground coffee, we used a ¼ measuring cup and filled it up all the way as shown in the picture below.

Next, using a bigger measuring cup or a mason jar that has measurement, you can measure out approximately 380 ml (12.8 oz) of water and boil that to 212 F (100 C). If you don’t have a measuring cup, grab a 12 oz mug and fill it up all the way to the top and use that to brew coffee, your final brew should be 2.5 cm (1 inch) below the rim of your mug. Then, proceed to brew normally! Definitely rinse your pour over device thoroughly in hot water and then put a filter it. Your first pour needs to be about twice the volume as the coffee you are using, and let it bloom for 40-60 seconds. After the bloom, you can pour in a slow circular motion and fill it up all the way and let it drip for about 15 seconds. Repeat this process a few times until you run out of water....You are all set! Relax, eat, and enjoy your cup of coffee.

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