Shipping Restrictions: Hawaii & Puerto Rico

Green Coffee Beans: Unroasted, green coffee beans may be commercially imported into the continental United States, and such imports do not require a USDA import permit or any other documentation. Travelers may also carry unlimited quantities of green coffee beans in their luggage without restriction through ports of entry in the continental United States but, as with all agricultural products, must still declare the product at entry. However, green coffee beans are prohibited from entering or transiting through Hawaii or Puerto Rico [Exception: properly sealed, green coffee bean commercial samples may transit through—but not enter—Hawaii or Puerto Rico.] All shipments of green coffee beans are subject to inspection upon arrival at the first port of entry; if quarantine pests are found, USDA may require the shipment to be fumigated.
Please refer to US Department of Agriculture:

    Effective 2020, RhoadsRoast Coffees & Importers will not ship un-roasted/green/raw coffee beans to the Hawaiian Islands or Puerto Rico. All roasted coffee bean products will continue to ship to the Hawaiian Islands and Puerto Rico as these are a prepared/processed/roasted coffee products and approved for shipment and entry to these locations.