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New Imports Arriving and Staying...Yum

Springtime is one of the busiest months for us in our shop and warehouse. Right after winter starts its transition to nicer and brighter weather, we begin to receive our new harvests for our current offerings and also start to add offerings with some new crops from new coffee farms that we have visited or received cupping samples to try. From the farm to coffee cherries to the final cup, we usually bring in 4-6 new coffees yearly; some are replacements of others that have not re-harvested well, others are  some exciting new ones that we want to add and invite our customers to try. We are excited to announce new additions to our coffee family: Rwanda Hingakawa, a co-op of women farmers; Kenya Peaberry Plus Rwaikamba  Farmers Co-op, and Costa Rica Los Cerros Micro Lot from the San Juanillo Valley.

These have arrived in our warehouse and will be available soon online. Follow us on Twitter @RhoadsRoast and stay in the know for the freshest, best, and most exciting coffees available from"farm to cup"!


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