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RhoadsRoast makes a blended Mélange

While single origin coffees can stand on their own, there is no doubt that blended roasts can also make a supreme cup of coffee. The word “Melange” is derived from the French “meler” meaning to mix and in the coffee world, refers to the blending of different origins to bring out complimentary characteristics and unique fusions of flavor. Different origins have different qualities and it makes sense that combining them will create outstanding coffees.

The reason for blending beans is a personal matter of taste, for example, perhaps you want the chocolate and nuttiness of a Honduras or Mexican origin, but also want the fruit or citrus undertones of a Costa Rica, Ethiopian, or Guatemalan coffee. Or, you want both of those as well as the earthiness of an Indonesian coffee origin. The only way to get all these characteristics into a cup of coffee is to blend them together. However, it can become complicated because there are several different levels of roasts (6+) as well as many origins to explore.

Let's try something easy: we recommend the following Melange using 100% Arabica coffee beans to try out: • 40% Brazil or Colombia @ Full City Roast • 30% Costa Rica or Kenya @ City Roast • 30% Mexican or Guatemala @ French Roast. The Brazil or Colombia will preserve body, the Mexican or Guatemala will add sharp, bold flavors and the Costa Rica or Kenya will leave the coffee with a bright, snappy acidity. Of course, you are free to experiment with different “Melanges” but the above offers a nice entry into the world of blending different roasts. We do not recommend blending more than 3-4 coffees at once as it will be hard for the single origin characteristics to bloom.

As always, we roast fresh daily and also provide the freshest annual imports from both hemispheres into our warehouses.

Enjoy the brew!

The Coffee Team @ RhoadsRoast Coffees

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