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Cupping at RhoadsRoast Coffees

At RhoadsRoast Coffees, we take great pride in the quality of the coffee we buy and sell. We continually roast and cup coffee daily to make sure that every single origin lot of coffee we carry is of the finest quality and that our collections reflect a fair sampling of coffees offered throughout the world.

On any given day, we might be cupping from three to eight different lots/coffees depending upon the offer samples, pre-ship samples, and arrival lots that are received in our office. Every single origin coffee brought in prior to contracting  goes through a strict Quality Assurance process:

Grade and Defect Evaluation - We inspect all coffee samples to make sure each lot is up to our standards of grade quality and defect count.

Moisture Analysis - Each coffee sample is tested with our moisture meter to confirm that the moisture level is in the appropriate range for the particular coffee origin.

Sample Roasting - Using our 1 lb. fluid bed roaster, our Quality Control roasters will then produce 3 roasts of each sample coffee - a Cupping Roast, a Production Roast, and a recommended Roast Profile This will enable us to check for defects as well as to analyze the flavor profile of the coffee.

Cupping and Grading Evaluation - Due to the large amount of samples we cup daily, our coffee team needs an efficient system that does not compromise the quality of their evaluations. To accomplish this, we cup the roasted samples and grades them on a scale of 1-10 for acidity, body, sweetness, aftertaste, and overall. Our grades are prorated to SCAA scores so that we can represent our scores in a way that is relevant. Upon request, we are able to share our cupping scores for which you are interested in purchasing from us.

As coffee lovers (and some connoisseurs) RhoadsRoast Coffees pre-qualifies all coffees prior to export in order to ensure that our inventory maintains the highest grades and standards for our customers. We source for exceptional coffees currently available in both hemispheres and maintain a strict high level of quality control towards ensuring that our customers get only the finest international coffees available. Join us, try our products, and you will won't go back to your "old daily grind of coffee".

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