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How Coffee Loves Us Back!

Napoleonic era French diplomat Talleyrand, once said that coffee "should be hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel, sweet as love."  In the past decade, coffee is becoming an exceedingly popular drink of choice, whether hot or cold, at home or business, entertainment or studying, social gatherings or quiet tête-à-tête.

Now, scientists are advocating that coffee is good for you, is potentially a powerful elixir against a range of ailments from cancer to cavities, and can help to protect against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Researchers are continuing to study and investigate the 2001 findings on the potential anti-Parkinson's effects in which this study showed that four or five cups of coffee daily cut disease risk nearly in half compared with little or no caffeine. 

Culture also plays a significant part in the consumption of coffee for both caffeinated and de-caffenated coffee drinkers and is a significant contributor in health including antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid. Check out The Harvard Gazette article and learn now some of the medical community are not only coffee lovers, but research scientists discovering the amazing health benefits of coffee.

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