Collection: Naturals & Sweeter Coffees

Explore the sweeter taste that natural coffees highlight without any additives, just excellence in agriculture and in-country milling. Great anytime of day, wonderful in the evenings, after meals, entertaining, mid-day coffee breaks, and blending Mélange.

Different processing methods can significantly impact the way coffee beans taste. Washed, naturals, and anaerobic coffees definitely produce a different flavor, unique with a rich, heavier cupping body. While most of our coffees are milled as a washed process and then mechanically dried, we also offer special natural processed 100% Arabica coffees, hand sorted to ensure the highest standards of our products to our customers. 

The dry process, where the coffee beans are dried in the full cherry prior to de-pulping, is the oldest method for preparing beans, and it often happens in regions with limited access to water, such as Ethiopia, Brazil, and some in Central America. Unwashed, natural process coffees tend to have a slightly fruity flavor since the bean is in contact with the fruit for a longer period of time than in washed coffee. This natural, sun-dried process (without water) helps bring forward those fruity sugar flavors, This can also make natural coffee taste a bit more fermented than washed coffee (where the fermentation is more controlled). Where machinery and water are in short supply, these natural coffee growers don't use water to wash their coffee fruits; this process also conserves energy.

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