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2.5 lbs. Zambia Gold Natural Micro Lot NCCL Estate Fresh Various Roast Levels 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

2.5 lbs. Zambia Gold Natural Micro Lot NCCL Estate Fresh Various Roast Levels 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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Roast Level

Remember to store properly. Brew & Enjoy!

Please store properly in an air-tight container, away from light, moisture, extreme temperatures, & oxygen. Once the beans are transferred into an air-tight container, please store in a dark pantry or kitchen cupboard for maximum freshness dating to up to 8 weeks.

This Zambian Gold Natural coffee comes from the NCCL Estate, located in the Kasama region of Zambia. With farms on elevations between 1300 and 1600 MASL, this region is ideal for high quality coffee. For the Natural-processed ‘Gold’ coffees, the best cherries are carefully selected with double handpicking (ensuring a consistency of over 98% of fully formed red ripe cherries) before being dried on raised beds. The cherries are spread across the beds in thin layers to ensure even drying, and regularly turned over a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

You will taste the milk chocolate transition to a dark chocolate and caramel finish. As this Zambia coffee cools, you will notice a touch of citrus spritzer flavor to brighten this cup. 

Estate: NCCL, Kasama Zambia

Cupping Notes: Intense red berries, medium body, smooth finish, and bright acidity. Lemon, Berries, Milk Chocolate with a hint of Carmel

We recommend to roast no darker then medium/dark in order to capture the true authenticity of the micro lot's flavor profiles

Body: Balanced and Smooth 

Acidity:  Sweet, not too crisp, gentle

Processing: Natural (Sun dried) 

MASL: 1300m

Processing Details: Double picked, 18 hour closed steel tank fermentation, and sun
dried on raised beds. This is a special micro lot coffee, with specific import markings and milling standards. 

Along with efforts to continuously improve quality, NCCL is dedicated to the future of coffee growing in the region through a wide variety of social and economic initiatives.

Lots of fun and serious discussions in cupping here to offer you our take on what we taste as prevalent in the final cup, roasted at medium, cupped black, absolutely no additives. Each lot is remarkably different and offers tremendous cupping nuances as a result of its natural milling and fermentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Good quality and taste.

What a gift to myself

This natural-processed microlot scored a 10 with us when pulled from espresso machine or brewed in stovetop moka. Also makes an extra special cup when mixed with Brazil Cerrado 17/18. Highly recommend at medium roast.


On a medium light roast this coffee provides a unique cup. While there’s plenty of “coffee” it dances with a sparkle of berry flavors that delight. My new favorite. Thanks, Rhoads!

paul millspaugh

Wanted to mix it up and this was recommended by Andrea. The natural processing gives it a wonderful sweetness. Medium roast provides for a superb cup.

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