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2 lbs. OR 2.5 lbs. Indo-Pacific Java Estate Kayumas Fresh Roasted 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

2 lbs. OR 2.5 lbs. Indo-Pacific Java Estate Kayumas Fresh Roasted 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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Roast Profile

Remember to store properly. Brew & Enjoy!

Please store properly in an air-tight container, away from light, moisture, extreme temperatures, & oxygen. Once the beans are transferred into an air-tight container, please store in a dark pantry or kitchen cupboard for maximum freshness dating to up to 8 weeks.

Java produces coffee that is so good that the name is synonymous with coffee itself, but the entire region India to the Pacific produces spectacular varietals wich produces an amazing product. For an exotic taste sensation, this Indo-Pacific Java Estate Kayumas coffee is an absolute must try and a sensational new coffee that is our newest favorite and a serious treat for true coffee aficionados!
  • Cupping Notes: baker's chocolate, syrupy, cedar
  • Roast Body: Mild
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Single Origin: Curah Tatal and Kayumas, Java
  • Location: East Jave, Indonesia
  • Harvest Period: May-September
  • Milling Process: Washed, Sun Dried
  • Aroma: Sweet vanilla aroma with dark chocolate and brown spice notes
  • Flavor: Rich, intense and balanced flavor with slight earthy.
  • Aftertaste: Sweet lingering and dry aftertaste.
  • Acidity: Sweet mild acidity
  • Body: Smooth medium to full body

Cupping Notes: Baker's Chocolate, Syrupy, Cedar; Score: 85.94

Our Indo-Pacific Java Estate Kayumas coffee originates from smallholder coffee farms in the villages of Curah Tatl and Kayumas in Eastern Java.  This exquisite coffee displays a syrupy and heavy body, with deep notes of baker's chocolate and cedar without the overwhelming earthy undertones present among many Indonesian coffees. The result is a bold, heavy cup up front with a clean, complete lingering finish. Very good delivery, well balanced flavor, slight earthy, smooth body and sweet mild acidity with dark chocolate and brown spice notes

This single origin coffee is excellent and a staff and family favorite! Our coffees are chosen and established with great love and greater yet - consideration of origin, flavor profile and quality. All of these components help us to deliver consistent, exceptional coffee that easily become a favorite go-to coffee.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William Wilkins
Return customer

The fact that I don’t buy coffee anywhere else is my endorsement.

blond, not a brunette

Coffee is good but roast was wrong. Probably my fault. But a short time in my wok and the temp was up to 430ish and all is good.
Thanks again.

Medium roast is too light...

I ordered the Ind-Pacific Java estate coffee at a medium roast, which was way too light. Also, the roast was not homogeneous as there were many unroasted beans. Overall, the taste was good, but missing some of the overtones mentioned in the description of this coffee. I will try a darker roast next time.

Joanne Lasher
Java note

Very smooth and spicy like cinnamon coffee

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