Arabica Coffees & News from RhoadsRoast

Arabica Coffees & News from RhoadsRoast

We've had a busy month importing, organizing, reviewing supply costs with our single origin farms, and negotiating ocean transit issues through very difficult global issues. Now, we would like to share some of our latest updates and news with you. After working on some contracts, we are thrilled to secure Arabica coffee supply over the next 2 years, negotiate competitive carrier pricing to keep the FREE USA shipping metrics going at stable prices for us, and maintain a cohesive brand structure. Though, with improvements do come some pricing adjustments.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, it has become necessary for price increases on all products site-wide in order to maintain global business and contracts with the single origin farms for ethically sourced and sustainably harvested Arabica coffees. Yet, in addition to maintaining a fair, cost stabilized structure with our partners in countries of origin, there are some other issues that affect pricing. Namely, global cargo transport has been affected at the Suez Canal due to the conflict in the Middle East, the drought affecting the Panama regions and the Panama Canal, lack of labor in Central America due to mass migration, and the overall materials, freight, and labor increases compounded by high inflation.

While we are all experiencing tough times right now, please know that we will continue to offer the best Arabica coffees sold online, with a continuing seasonal discount, and FREE USA shipping up to certain weight points for all major carriers. SPRING24 discount code is active through mid-June; make sure to review you order in checkout to get the FREE USA shipping option

Thank you for your support and confidence in our brand,

The RhoadsRoast Coffees Family

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