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Ethically Sourced, Sustainably Harvested Coffees

Did you know that coffee is the universal beverage of choice? Do you consume ethically sourced, sustainably harvested coffees from some of the best coffee farmers in the world? If not, then start to look at the coffees from RhoadsRoast Coffees. We take great pride in bringing you the coffee from farm to cup. We import coffees that are ethically sourced through responsible & sustainable methods by ensuring that workers are paid & treated fairly, environmental conditions are clean & safe, and agricultural practices are met by producing an honest supply of sustainably harvested coffee products.

How do we do this? For many years, and prior to the pandemic, we established relationships with various coffee estate farms, co-op farms, and family farms to start, maintain and solidify relationships. We look to ensure that large coffee estates give fair and equitable wages to workers as well as maintain safe, clean, and community friendly conditions. The Santa Barbara Estate in Colombia and the Fincas in Huehuetenango region, Guatemala are some our favorites estates maintaining these worker standards and quality of life for the farming community. We also make great strides in working with coffee co-op farms. Traditionally, a coffee cooperative (co-op) is a great opportunity for smaller farms to participate in quality coffee production, gain greater access to resources from training to supply chain, certification to logistics, maintain their standard of living for their small farms and families as well as bring new opportunities for the smaller farming community.

We support the farming community in Nicaragua where the coffee trade has been impacted by hurricane devastation, politics, and a long interruption during the Cold War years when the US prohibited the importing of Nicaraguan coffee. Today, Nicaragua appears to be making a comeback and this award winning coffee is produced at La Finca, the Young Life Camp and Farm in the mountains of Nicaragua. La Finca is a paradise, a beautiful retreat from the harsh realities of a poverty culture where they grow some of the best coffee that Nicaragua has to offer. The workers are paid a dignified wage, and every penny of profit is used to send a Nicaraguan young person to the Young Life Camp. The camp doubles as a working farm where world-class coffee is grown and sold, and the profit of one bag of coffee goes to send one Nicaraguan youth to camp for a day. We hope that our involvement with the coffee growers in Nicaragua will help young people benefit from their farming community.

Essentially, big or small, we look at how the coffee growing community also gives back to their geographical community and how we can contribute in our small way to those endeavors. Simply put, quality and ethics is our backbone @RhoadsRoast Coffees.

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