It's time to skip fulfillment and warehouse centers and buy FRESH from RhoadsRoast Coffees

It's time to skip fulfillment and warehouse centers and buy FRESH from RhoadsRoast Coffees

Shop small, buy direct, and skip the larger box stores or eCommerce marketplaces. Why? Well...

When you order coffee from a big-box store or an online marketplace, an employee (or cute bot) at a distribution center, or a warehouse, walks to the bin where it’s stored, puts it in a box, and it ships. That's the flow, and, usually, customers are uncertain about the freshness and coffee bean quality and freshness dating of custom fresh roasted coffees. There is nothing remotely close to custom fresh roasted coffees from the source itself, and you can definitely tell the difference between store/warehoused bought coffees vs. the roaster source... nothing comes close to it. 

Warehoused items may be handled gently, but stock is not always rotated appropriately and with care. This is precisely why we NEVER use FBA services or give our products to large corporations, or large-box stores because they do not take the care that we do in sourcing, inventorying, custom roasting, fulfillment, and final shipments to our customer. Warehouse centered coffee may or may not be stored in a cool, dark space, which we recommend. Or perhaps, it’s hot and humid, right under bright lights, or housed next to air fragrances, household appliances, or who knows because the spacing it pre-assigned by the warehouses, not us. Since coffee is porous, it will absorb the aromas of everything around it so you need to be sure that coffee even in your home, is stored properly.

RhoadsRoast Coffees has a team of in-country purveyors, and in-house coffee teams who know their coffee stuff ☕😉 Andrea manages all imports and sets up cuppings; she is the go-to source on our imports. Dianna is right with her on the importing, sourcing, and cupping side. John is the head roaster, manages a roasting team for tight quality control; many hours and great expertise go into crafting each individual roast profile. Joe handles imports receiving, all shipping and handling as well as manages the shipping teams with a friendly watchful eye to ensure everything is QC'd 2 times prior to final fulfillment. Andrew and Dan pick the unroasted coffees for roasting, handle all unroasted orders for fulfillment, inventory the warehouses daily, take grind requests, and coordinate carrier pickups throughout the day. Molly is heading up the customer service now and you can expect a great service experience with many more from our team addressing your questions, concerns, recommendations, and everything coffee!

There are many steps involved when you buy custom fresh roasted coffees from us, but you can be sure you’re getting the freshest, highest quality product possible. The quality of our green, unroasted inventory is unparalleled, which only makes our home roasters delighted, and our roasted coffees exceptional. Our name is our brand and it’s how we do business. Coffee bought from our site may take an extra day or two, but you can’t rush perfection! 

Thanks for reading.

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