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Your Perfect Coffee Moments for Holidays & Everyday!

As the 2021 holiday season starts to approach, RhoadsRoast Coffees is ready and able to support your coffee needs for every occasion. Thankfully, we have forecasted and secured our coffee trades out for the next 18 months so our supply is booked. Ocean transit is a bit slow right now, but our inventory is in our warehouse with supply guaranteed. RhoadsRoast Coffees has added various NEW offerings, UPDATED our favorites & Trending, customers have made new BEST sellers, Build-a-Box Subscriptions are available, FREE Shipping through 2022, Buy 2, Get 1 Free Discount OR Subscribe & Save options are available to you for your home, entertaining, or business coffee needs. Our inventories are all in and our coffee family is ready! ☕😊...

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Keeping You Informed on Coffee Futures

,There is a saying in the coffee world that Brazil sets the standard in price and production on coffee and export/import operation. Lately, many people have asked us, "What is going on with coffee prices and supply?" So here goes, in a brief synopsis to keep you informed. Recently, a drought in Brazil coupled with an increase in demand for coffee as the world re-adjusts after the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in coffees prices from mills, co-ops, auction, and estates. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the price of 100% Arabica coffee beans, Brazil’s main coffee variety, hit its highest level since 2016 last month, as the country’s coffee harvest is expected to drop dramatically this year because of the drought. Additionally, temperatures in several...

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Coffee Freight: From Export to Import

Over the few months, shipping container and freight logistics have been making a lot of news (NYT, The Guardian). Why? The ongoing Covid-19  pandemic and its consequences. The demand for containers is quite a bit greater than the supply for routes between Asia and the U.S. West Coast. This is causing an extreme increase in container pricing and increased difficulty in securing bookings for these lanes. For example, ocean freight from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to the U.S.A. has roughly doubled in cost over the past five months. Remember, in the early days of the pandemic, everyone (e.g. retailers, distributors, wholesalers, consumers. etc.) stopped buying products from Asia, which led to many empty container ships and cancelled sailings. However, it...

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RhoadsRoast Coffees Storage Recommendations & When to Grind

We have some of the BEST customers and many of them call us for recommendations, FAQ's, and just to check in on our Newest products. Recently, one of our great customers, Eli in Massachusetts, asked for us to write about coffee beans storage and grind levels. So here we go Eli, this one's for you! 👀☕😉 DID YOU KNOW...??? If your coffee wasn't roasted just before you purchased it, chances are, it isn't fresh. The difference in flavor between fresh coffee and stale coffee is not subtle. Did you know that without fresh coffee, your espresso machine will have a hard time producing that thick crema you are trying so hard to achieve? Drip, French Press, Vacuum or espresso ~...

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Types of Coffee Beans and What Sets Them Apart @ RhoadsRoast Coffees

Walking through the coffee aisle of your local store, you’ve probably noticed  that most of the bags state “Arabica Coffee” or “Arabica Beans”. Ever wonder why? There are actually several different types of coffee beans, with Arabica being the most common. It accounts for about 70% of coffee produced globally. Usually, when we think of how coffee is grouped and marketed, we’re thinking of roasting profiles and/or source of origin. This information is very helpful in identifying what to expect from a given coffee, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Let’s take a closer look at what types of coffees are out there and what makes each of them unique. As mentioned earlier, Arabica is the most common (and certainly most heavily...

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