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Best Way to Store Your Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Many, many people ask us how to store their freshly roasted coffee beans when these arrive. So allow us to give you some tips...

All of our orders for roasted coffee products are always fresh roasted within 24 hours of order receipt and shipped the same day as roasted. We take great care in our products and make every attempt to guarantee that these wonderful fresh roasted coffees get to our customers quickly. Now, every fresh roasted coffee is scooped warm into each bag from the cooking trays in our Turkish roasters, bagged in black foil bags with one-way de-gassing valve within each bag and then heat sealed, packaged and shipped. It is important that you realize that our bags are a taxi from us to you, transporting these wonderful coffees to you for your enjoyment.

Think of roasting coffee beans as a chemistry experiment! Once you receive you coffee beans, please open the bag and allow the beans to breathe and continue to expel the CO2 from the heating in the roasting process. We recommend that the coffee beans to breathe for about 2-3 hours and no more. Then store your coffee beans in an air-tight, burp-able container or canister, away from light, away from moisture, not in the freezer or refrigerator. Store your coffee beans within the container in a dark pantry or cupboard for maximum freshness lasting up to 8 weeks, then grind as needed.

It is important that you do your best to keep the coffee beans away from oxygen and light so they will remain fresh as long as possible.Remember that ground coffee beans have a freshness dating lasting only up to 11-12 days so it is always best to purchase whole bean coffee and grind for your usage.

Hope that these tips help you and many thanks for reading!

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