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RhoadsRoast Coffees Storage Recommendations & When to Grind

We have some of the BEST customers and many of them call us for recommendations, FAQ's, and just to check in on our Newest products.

Recently, one of our great customers, Eli in Massachusetts, asked for us to write about coffee beans storage and grind levels. So here we go Eli, this one's for you! 👀☕😉


If your coffee wasn't roasted just before you purchased it, chances are, it isn't fresh. The difference in flavor between fresh coffee and stale coffee is not subtle. Did you know that without fresh coffee, your espresso machine will have a hard time producing that thick crema you are trying so hard to achieve? Drip, French Press, Vacuum or espresso ~ every brewing method will produce better results with fresh coffee, and this is why we custom roast to every order daily. For our home roasting enthusiasts we have carefully selected green beans for you to roast and enjoy at home. When home roasting, remember that the lighter roasts have the greater caffeine content because the caffeine molecule is more evident, and not roasted down; if you enjoy tasting the roast level vs. the beans nuances, then light roast is a very nice alternative in cupping. Medium roasts have greater flavor nuances, and darker roast have greater body, lingering finish in the cup.

Now about Whole Beans vs. Ground:

Ground roasted beans lose their optimal flavor in about 2 days and last a maximum of 11-12 days. While whole roasted beans lose their optimal flavor in about  3-4 weeks and last up to 8+ weeks when stored properly. What is proper storage for roasted coffee beans you ask? Coffee beans must be allowed to breathe 36-48 hours after roasting in order for the CO2 to fully expel. Transit times from us to our customers typically is 2 days so when coffee beans are received, the beans should be settled. However, to be sure, we also recommend that when you receive the coffee beans, the bag be opened immediately, and allow the beans to breath 3-4 hours at room temperature. Then store within an air-tight, burp-able container, away from oxygen, light and moisture. We do not recommend storing in the refrigerator or freezer because of other food odors. Store your coffee beans in a dark pantry or cupboard at room temperature, grind as needed, and the coffee beans will last for you with a maximum freshness dating up to 8+ weeks. Finally, the coffee bag is not a storage container, but rather a "vehicle" for shipping the coffees beans from us to you! Please store properly as mentioned above.

Reach out to us for recommendations or to answer your questions. Email is preferred because we monitor emails throughout the day, but call us too if you wish, 9:00 AM -2:00 PM, Eastern Time.

Thank you for your support!

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