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10 lbs. Colombian Medellin from the Santa Barbara Estate Supremo 17/18 Fresh Unroasted Beans 100% Arabica

10 lbs. Colombian Medellin from the Santa Barbara Estate Supremo 17/18 Fresh Unroasted Beans 100% Arabica

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Remember to store properly. Brew & Enjoy!

Please store properly in an air-tight container, away from light, moisture, extreme temperatures, & oxygen. Once the beans are transferred into an air-tight container, please store in a dark pantry or kitchen cupboard for maximum freshness dating to up to 8 weeks.

  • Sweet lemon, milk chocolate, balanced and lasting finish; best roasting at medium level for fuller flavor nuances, balance in acidity, and richness in cupping.
  • The Colombian Specialty Supremo - a must try - is a perfect balance between acidity and richness.
  • Smooth from beginning to end, this popular classic holds up to its name
  • With a delightfully smooth and light body, the Supremo is described as balanced and fruity.
  • Presenting a strong aroma, the Santa Barbara Estate Colombian Supremo is medium-sweet in acidity, a perfect cup to enjoy at any time of day.

Growing coffee at altitudes above 4,000 feet results in a richer and sweeter cup of coffee. This is because at higher altitudes the coffee bean takes longer to develop and, because it takes longer, the resulting bean is much denser and less porous than beans developed at low altitudes. Santa Barbara is our main estate. It is comprised of 350 hectares (860 acres) and two wet mills. It enjoys a micro climate generated by a mixture of high altitude with warm breezes that climb up the mountain from the Cauca river valley at the bottom of the ridge. This region also benefits from fertile soils, which are rich in volcanic ash. The “Supremo” portion of Columbia Supremo coffee is derived from the size of the bean. Colombian Supremo coffee is made with only the very best, larger beans. They produce absolutely delicious coffee beans that put Colombia on the map. If the tantalizing smell of Colombian Coffees does not win you over, then the surprisingly rich and full-bodied taste surely will. It has the right amount of acidity which when combined with the unique nutty aroma and the perfectly sweet (never overwhelmingly sweet) taste, makes for one winning, knock-out combination that people from all walks of life have come to appreciate and love. To prove that this wonderful coffee really lives up to its name, people were asked to sample different kinds of coffee while they had blindfolds on. The majority chose Colombian Coffee which just goes to show that when it comes to producing high-quality coffee, nothing beats Colombians. They surely know that when it comes to producing coffee, balance is always the key to making a wonderful cup. On your first sip, you will instantly notice that there is nothing in particular that overpowers the other features of the coffee. And aside from that, there is no horrible aftertaste that leaves your mouth wishing for a glass of water after drinking a cup.

Customer Reviews

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Dale Fill
Great coffee

I’ve been buying coffee from you for many years. I’ve bought all different kinds but, mainly like the Columbian Supremo. I’ve been roasting my own coffee for over 20 years & started out with an air popper.

We're so glad you like our coffee - thank you for your continued support!

Fred Van Ranken
Great beans!

I have purchased from RhoadsRoast Coffees and Importers for some time and have always been happy with their green beans. The Columbian beans allow for consistent roasts and great flavor.

KEnneth GEyer
Still learning roasting time

I have an old "fresh roast" roaster, things come out differently sometimes. Sorry if you were looking for something for your adds. Ken

John VanScott
High quality product

thanks for the great beans.

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