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Jamaican Blue Mountain Style Coffee Fresh Roasted 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Jamaican Blue Mountain Style Coffee Fresh Roasted 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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Roast Profile

A New and Delicious Blend that is Specially Reminiscent of Jamaican Blue Mountain without the Extreme High Cost! 

This blend was specifically created and developed by our Chief Roaster over the past 12 months and has gained popularity among our customers as being one of the most flavorful new blends we offer.

  • Coffee is fresh roasted daily and shipped immediately same day as roasted via FedEx or USPS Priority.
  • Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor and a balanced acidity. A delicious blend that allows you to taste the roasting notes and flavors nuances.
  • Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer upwards to 8+weeks when stored properly.
  • Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness and shipped immediately to customers for enjoyment.
  • Tastes very close to 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain without the extreme high cost. 
  • We have selected only the best high-altitude coffees for their depth and density to ensure a balanced flavor.

This special blend is meant to closely approximate the taste and aroma characteristics of real Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. We carefully selected, blended, and roasted numerous bean varieties to match Jamaican Blue as closely as possible. Our JBM Style Coffee sports a full, slightly sweet flavor and a balanced acidity with a lingering finish and an aromatic cup to enjoy at any time of day! 

Did you know?:
Ground roasted beans lose their optimal flavor in about 2 days. 
Whole roasted beans lose their optimal flavor in about 2-3 weeks. 
If your coffee wasn't roasted just before you purchased it, chances are, it isn't fresh. The difference in flavor between fresh coffee and stale coffee is not subtle. Did you know that without fresh coffee, your espresso machine will have a hard time producing that thick crema you are trying so hard to achieve? Drip, French Press, Vacuum or espresso - every brewing method will produce better results with fresh coffee. This is why we custom roast every order. We think this coffee is best at medium to dark, however if you enjoy tasting the roast level vs. the beans nuances, then light roast is a very nice alternative in cupping.

Remember to store properly. Brew & Enjoy!

Please store properly in an air-tight container, away from light, moisture, extreme temperatures, & oxygen. Once the beans are transferred into an air-tight container, please store in a dark pantry or kitchen cupboard for maximum freshness dating to up to 8 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Canadian consumer

It’s alright.

Reed Smith
Not my favorite.

French roast protocol produces a brew way too bitter for my palat.

Understood. Medium roast provide the BEST flavor, and lighters roast have a nice snap/brightness too. Try lighter roasts and you will be pleased :)
Thank you,

sean basilio
Bold and dark

I got the blue mountain medium/dark roast. I used it in my espresso machine and it was so good as is I didn’t even put the frothy milk. Just drank it black and I never do that! Lots of crema In the espresso shot as well. Drip coffee was good too.

Daniel A
Top of its class

We have tried many Rhoads Roast Central American coffees (Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras) and they are wonderful each in their own way. This "Jamaican Blue” beats them all. Delicious! We got the medium/ dark roast. An added bonus of this coffee is that it is so bold that you can use less coffee to get the same potent flavor.

Douglas Marciniak

kinda weak even when I increase the amount brewed

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