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Peru Approcassi Cajamarca Fair Trade Organic Shade Grown Fresh 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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  • Fresh Roasted Each Morning & Shipped in the Afternoon! A mellow, gentle coffee with a subtle nutty flavor and a pleasingly natural sweetness.
  • There are two things that contribute to the amazing and unparalleled taste of Peruvian coffee:
  • One, it is organically grown since 1700 AD and the technique that the farmers use has been handed over by word of mouth from generation to generation.
  • And two, there is no interference yet from modern technology on any of the 110 thousand coffee farms in Peru.
  • The combined effect of these two factors is that the organic Peruvian coffee has a remarkable taste the richness of which no one has yet been able to copy.

The town of Naranjas, located in Peru’s northern Andean region of Cajamarca, produces one of the best coffees in the world due to its aroma, flavor and quality, reported US satellite and cable television business news channel CNBC. Sunshine in your cup, grown by farmers of the APPROCASSI Fair Trade Group from Cajamarca province in Peru. Which means you’re not just getting an excellent coffee, you’re supporting sustainable farming, too. The coffee crop is cultivated in between trees so it is shielded completely from the sun. The Peruvian coffee is grown completely in shade. The beans are picked over a period of five months, i.e. May to September by hand. The next step, pulping, is also done by hand after which the beans are stored in huge fermentation tanks which helps in cleaning them. Lastly, the coffee beans are transported to the market where about 80 percent is exported. The farms where the coffee is grown are small, about 2-3 acres each where the farmers work hard to uphold the amazing quality of the crop using exclusively indigenous methods. Each farm is equipped with a micro-wet milling system which is yet another effort to keep Peru free form any type of chemical pollution. Full City Plus, a few snaps into 2nd crack, was nice, chocolaty, but more one-dimensional. The wet aroma has heather-like flowers. At that magical roast level, at City Plus, the cup has a fantastic milky chocolate, almonds, coconut. There is a muted, clean fruit flavor; Bosc Pear, turning to milk chocolate in the finish, with bittering hints of almond skins. Roast Type: Light, City Plus to Medium Roast, Full City Plus

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Peru shade grown

Great coffee order it 5lbs every month

Jonathan Hamilton
Rhoads Roast Always Comes Through

From Minnesota to Alaska, wherever I've lived, Rhoads Roast has been there for me with awesome coffee, amazing tools and resources, first-rate support, and of course, TRULY nationwide free shipping (unlike those "lower-48 only" yahoos). This time was particularly epic, as I ordered 5 lbs. on a Thursday after COB, and received my order Monday in semi-rural Alaska.....that is officially INSANE speed. Wow. Love supporting this vet-owned business, and love that they don't rest on their laurels. These folks get it done. Every time. Thank y'all!

Delicious coffee!

I picked a light roast, and use a stove top espresso maker. This coffee is delicious! It has a slight nutty really nice flavor. Cannot start the day without!

C. Idzik
Great coffee

I am always happy with this coffee. I prefer a dark roast and am always satisfied with this product

Martha Sheldrick
Peruvian coffee- who knew?!

I am so happy I tried this coffee when I decided to branch out a bit from my usual East African choices. The Light City roast works perfectly in my espresso machine. The beans never clog or gum up the works with oil. The taste is one of my all-time favorites- chocolatey and rich, smooth and full-bodied.

Also, a few words of praise for the Rhoads Roast people. your customer service is among the best I have experienced ordering anything online. Attention, advice on coffees to try and prompt replies to every question have earned my respect. The delivery is always quick and reliable, and your quality is consistent order after order. Thanks! Review Medals