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2 lbs El Salvador SHG Santa Maria RFA Coffee Beans Medium Roast, Fresh Daily

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  • Fresh Roasted Each Morning & Shipped in the Afternoon! Best when roasted at light medium to full medium roast level; contact merchant for custom roasting.
  • Dark chocolate and caramel highlight the full body and low acidity: Roasted at medium for this flavor nuance.
  • Caramel, chocolate, butterscotch brown sugar, apricot, and tangerine nuances. Many coffee pros describe the taste as chocolate and caramel highlights with a full-creamy body.
  • Santa Maria and Las Mercedes Coffee Estates; Plant Species: Arabica; processed: washed; growing altitude > 1200M
  • Coffee is processed in ecological friendly wet mill; SHG EP; Rainforest Alliance, Estate Coffees, Coop Coffees

This is a RFA certified coffee comes from the Santa Maria and Las Mercedes Coffee Estates located on the fertile north-eastern slopes of the San Salvador Volcano. Ama Cafe is a signature line of coffee blended from the two estates, both of which have been under the care of the Aguilar family for over 150 years (currently under management of the fifth and sixth generation). Coffee is depulped within a few hours of being picked before removing the mucilage and finally washed in an ecological friendly wet will. The mill not only helps the estate conserve water and allows the coffee pulp to be used as a natural fertilizer for their crop, but also provides employment for the people of the area. The success of the estate is due to generations of commitment by the Aguilar family to the coffee crop and its farmers. The family continues the tradition of shade-grown coffee which produces a high quality product efficiently while maintaining and promoting biodiversity and ecological richness in the area. The Aguilar family is committed to the social development of the coffee farmers, their families, and the communities around them. The estate was one of the first to provide many services that are now considered basic, such as drinking water, electricity and food staples. Currently the Aguilar family provides housing, education, and healthcare to the 20 families who live and work on the estate. A portion of all proceeds go towards a non-profit association, Amigos del Volcan, created to improve the standard of living for the communities that live on the Salvador Volcano.

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