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3 lbs Nicaragua La Finca La Rubia SHG EP Green Coffee Beans

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  • This coffee as a crisp, citric acidity with a smooth, medium body and a pleasant sweet finish. An excellent finish, quiet coffee and a must try...you will be surprised!
  • Strict High Grown European Preparation: versatile bean.
  • Powerful but quietly rounded in acidity, with a complex range of aromatics clustered at the orange, dark chocolate end of the spectrum.
  • This is not a fussy coffee, but one that can be presented in a classical, rich medium roast. The versatility of this bean allows roasting at any level.
  • Grown at altitudes over 1000 meters; Arabica, dense bean; washed processing method.

Coffee cultivation was introduced to Nicaragua during the mid-1800s and was highly popular. Nicaraguan coffee trade has been impacted by hurricane devastation as well as the politics and ravages of civil war, and a long interruption during the cold war years when the US prohibited the importing of Nicaraguan coffee. Today, Nicaragua appears to be making a comeback. This award winning coffee is produced at La Finca, the Young Life Camp and Farm in the mountains of Nicaragua. La Finca is a paradise, a beautiful retreat from the harsh realities of a poverty culture where they grow some of the best coffee that Nicaragua has to offer. The workers are paid a dignified wage, and every penny of profit is used to send a Nicaraguan young person to the Young Life Camp. The camp doubles as a working farm where world-class coffee is grown and sold and the profit of one bag of coffee goes to send one Nicaraguan youth to camp for a day. When we sell a bag of coffee, we are making this Nicaraguan ministry to young people self-sustaining and self-supporting. That is why we say that 100% of what we do with our coffee is to benefit young Nicaraguans, to reach them with the message of the Christian gospel, and to help them navigate through the difficult waters of a poverty culture. Your purchase of coffee is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Nicaraguans and as you enjoy it, share this story with your friends. The Nicaragua La Rubia presents a crisp, fruity cup with a baker's chocolate finish to top off the taste. This coffee has a medium body and presents a pleasant, comforting finish. A wonderful afternoon, evening, or late night coffee, the La Rubia offers a distinct difference in morning blend coffees. This is an elegant coffee and it has enough body to stand up to dark roasts. The versatile, dense bean allows it to be roasted at any level you desire to taste. Roasted to Vienna stage, this coffee can make an excellent and unique single-origin espresso.

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